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March 2017

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2017, we're all back into the swing of things and we look forward to offering a new range of videos and tutorials for teachers, parents and students.

Happy creating and we hope we can help you to have an engaging and productive 2017.

Fresh from the blog...

Painting a Still Life Composition in the classroom

This blog entry provides ideas on how to make art teaching in the classroom possible without much fuss or mess. Art teaching can be made easier if students collaborate with teachers setting up for an art lesson and packing up after the lesson. Students enjoy being part of the process and love setting up a still life composition for example.


Art on a Shoe String, finding recycled materials

Here are some ideas that I’d like to contribute: how to source art materials in order to provide art experiences in the classroom with a small budget. 

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Visit our student gallery

Some inspiring work from our wonderful students

The Children Art Gallery - Visit our Gallery, see  samples of our students art works and choose what art experience you would like to offer to your students. Click the Art Lesson button to connect with The Art Lesson of your preference.


New Videos

Plaster Puppets - inspired by the Paul Klee puppets Materials and procedure - a mini lesson

Great project inspired on the puppets of Paul Klee to do at home or in the classroom.

Suitable for 10 to 15 years old students

Paul Klee made 80 puppets with his son Felix, they used bits of fabrics from old clothes to cut up and to make the puppets costumes.


Clay Birds - Animals - People - inspired on a visit to the MET Museum in NYC

A nice project for children, parents and teachers, to do in the classroom or at home. This video contains information on art materials: ink, bamboo pens and sticks, and the way to set up in the classroom or at home.


Videos coming up

We continue to attract subscribers to our Youtube channel and we welcome our new subscribers, we're always putting up new resources for our students and educators and we encourage you to suggest tutorials that you want to see.

Batik for Primary/Elementary years

We have a series of new videos coming up very soon, stay tuned to the Brava Art Press Youtube channel, or subscribe to be informed as soon as they become available. 

Mixed Media Drawing and Book Making and Altered books will be available very soon.


Encourage your colleagues to join us

We have a great number of teachers who are using and enjoying our website in Australia and other countries like USA, UK, New Zealand to name a few and we know that our Art Lessons are actually creating a useful effect in their classrooms.

Many teachers don't know about Brava Art yet and how helpful it is with ideas and art lessons for your classroom, so please invite other teachers to register.


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