stick puppets

Stick Puppets

This project is ideal to learn about other cultures and ancient theatre practices, and it is a lot of fun for the students to create a character.
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Cold Wax Batik

Batik can be a fun project to do in the classroom if cold wax is used instead of the traditional method of using warm wax.
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Still Life Painting – Pastries

Fun painting project, all you need is some pastries real or plastic ones to set up a still life composition.
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Owl and hen stuffed animals

Textiles – Hens and Owls

This project is very economical and offers lots of possibilities, students can create hens and owls and any other animals or characters they would like to invent.
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printmaking - street art

Street Art – Construction – Painting – Printmaking

Street Art started as slogans for political and social commentary that was normally written on public walls. Modern street art developed in New York City in the 1960’s and 1970’s and became popular in the 1980’s.
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colour temp signature image

Colour Theory

A good way to teach young children about warm colours and cool colours is to engage them in a hands on project that involves cool colours and warm colours.
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Textiles, hand-painted T-Shirts

A fun activity involving T-shirts, paint and lots of imagination. The inspiration for the design can be an imaginary character, like a super hero, a picture from a magazine, a cartoon like character, a flower or a plant or a pet dog, cat, bird or horse. There are lots of possibilities in creating a suitable design for a T-Shirt.
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Art materials

Art Materials

We use a wide range of art materials in our lessons with a view on utilising recycled resources to be economical and sustainable.
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Clay for young children signature image

Clay with young children

Clay modelling Clay modelling is very popular with young children. Terracotta clay is perfect for children to start clay modelling. Experimenting with clay is an important introduction to art in three dimensions. Type of clay Terracotta clay is the best clay for young children to experiment and to make. Children will spend time finding out what they can do with clay. As they progress in their experiments teachers can
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printmaking-signature image

Printmaking for young children

For very young children, printmaking is a source of fascination and challenge. Children love the idea of multiples, making not only one image but several.The first prints children make are normally hand prints. As they learn to cut paper they will be able to prepare a printing block/collage and they will be interested in telling stories with shapes. Procedure Printing block preparation: Children will have a small pie
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