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Clay Modelling

Clay figurines inspired by a visit to the Metropolitan Museum NYC The inspiration for this project comes from the ancient Chinese figurines at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. At the Museum, I found so many things to be inspired by: people dancing, animals in a pen, animals/birds figurines and many more beautiful terracotta small characters. This is an easy and fun way to do clay modelling. Ideally the clay pieces sho
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print paper

Useful Tips: Printmaking for all – a Mini Lesson

Multilayered Repetition Foam Print Time to think of greeting cards, gift paper and other goodies that can be made using these very easy and economical printmaking techniques. Printmaking is a great technique that can be done at home or at school. A printing block can be printed on different surfaces like paper, calico bags, paper bags, big sheets of paper to create beautiful gift wrapping paper and many other applica
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Useful Tips – Art on a Shoe String

Teaching Art on a Shoe String Here are some ideas that I’d like to contribute: how to source art materials in order to provide art experiences in the classroom with a small budget. Whether you teach, TAB or Direct Instruction, there are always teachers out there who struggle to get the necessary funds for their Art programs. I love to use recycled materials in my classroom. To find recycled materials  takes som
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Useful Tips: Painting a Still Life Composition in the classroom

Grouped desks Set Up for Painting and Drawing in the classroom by Raquel Redmond Room Set Up This blog entry provides ideas on how to make art teaching in the classroom possible without much fuss or mess. Art teaching can be made easier if students collaborate with teachers setting up for an art lesson and packing up after the lesson. Students enjoy being part of the process and love setting up a still life compositi
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Plaster Puppets Inspired on Paul Klee’s Puppets

Great project inspired on the puppets of Paul Klee to do at home or in the classroom. Suitable for 10 to 15 years old students Paul Klee made 80 puppets with his son Felix, they used bits of fabrics from old clothes to cut up and to make the puppets costumes. With his puppets Paul Klee represented different characters from his neighbourghood. The teacher, the butcher, the baker were some of the characters represented
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Art Projects rambunctious students love to do

Rambunctious students are normally the most creative students.   I find that the best kind of projects to do with rambunctious students are projects based on their personal interests. Another important aspect is  to discuss their ideas, to help them to plan  and to give them personal freedom to express. During our conversations, I first  ask them what their ideas are and based on their information I facilitate t
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Painting – Las Meninas

Painting and Drawing project inspired on the work of Picasso. A fun art activity that involves making costumes, drawing, painting and lots of imagination. Art Galleries and Museums are great sources of  inspiration to create art projects for the classroom or to do at home. When I travel I always have my pen, my sketch book and my camera to write, to sketch and to document art works that later on I’ll use as ins
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Book Art

Book Making inspired on medieval Books of Hours  – to make these books we researched the  covers of  Medieval Books and Illuminations. Before students started to cut and glue shapes, they created their designs on paper. They planned, they experimented and  they made decisions. For the covers: two 6″x 6″ (15 cm x 15 cm) of 0.078″ (2 mm) cardboard per student, for the covers two 6″x 6̸
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Cartoons in 3D

Clay cartoons in 3D

Clay—Cartoons in 3 dimension deals with facial expressions and a sense of humour. It is a fun project that young students love, as using clay is one of the most popular art techniques. This art project can be approached in two ways. The first being adopting a cartoon style and the second is creating a clay model based on members of the community such as politicians, sport heroes, your teacher or even a favourite movi
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Mixed Media Painting/Collage

Mixed media painting/collage is a very exciting painting project for primary school children appealing to those as young as five years of age. This tutorial presents an opportunity to use your imagination to create a composition in collage form, using different materials and paint on canvas. This project can be approached in different ways using various themes for inspiration. The theme for this particular project is
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