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Observation Drawing – Drawing from the model

Drawings by children of 5 to 8 years old.We worked together to create the set up for this portrait drawing. First we choose an interesting corner of the studio with books, and bottles of paint on the background. Next the students set up the studio’s old arm chair and put and old trow over on it. Thirdly, children engaged on setting a small table next to the chair and used a piece of fabric to cover it. The final touc
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pop art - magazine collage examples

Pop Art – Magazine Collage

We have some great new work from some very talented students with a focus on pop art using magazines for collage. Here are some good samples of a project on Pop Art done some years ago by primary students of year 6 and year 7.We looked mainly at examples of the early years of Pop Art in the UK where artists like Richard Hamilton made collages using images cut out of American magazines. For our project we used Austral
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Notes on Drawing by Raquel Redmond

Drawing is a skill that children can learn. In my experience of many years teaching art to children I came across to only two children that could draw in perfect perspective from observation or from memory, Fergus and James. Most of the children learn how to draw with practice, when they are very young children draw mostly from imagination; they draw their feelings and their ideas in an abstract way. Later on, childr
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Children and Drawing, Notes on Drawing: My Studio Experience

Drawing is something that young children love to do, from a very young age children like to record their ideas and emotions by drawing.
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cylinder puppets

Puppetry for Preschool and Kindergaten Children – Cylinder Puppets

List of Materials – 1 piece  A4 size of  corrugated cardboard or 1 x 1lt. milk carton for the body, per student -3 x 500ml  Chroma2 paint, to paint the bodies, colours: Cool Red, Cool Blue, Cool Yellow plus black and white. This set of paint will be enough for other art projects on the Education Page of www.bravaartpress.com -1 x 1lt. Chroma2 glue, thick glue no spilling -10 old stockings to cut up for heads -1
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Painting a mixed media collage

We have two new videos available on painting in mixed media to produce some great new work. This painting project involves collage with different found/recyclable materials, on canvas or cardboard. Students create a picture using corrugated cardboard, fabrics and different kinds of paper. We present this video in two parts. Painting a mixed media collage – part 1 Painting a mixed media collage – part 2
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Colour Mixing – Painting a Landscape with Complementary Colours

Discovering Colour From a very young age children love to experiment with colour. For young students, colour is a source of fascination, mixing colours, unlocking colours, discovering and experimenting is a kind of magic that children love. The video offers  children, teachers and parents the opportunity to enjoy a flexible and practical way to express with colour and to find out how to create “New”colour
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Pen and ink

Drawing with Ink

We have a brand new video available, how to use pen and ink to create some fabulous nature studies. You can go to our Youtube channel and view all of our videos, we even have a dedicated video page for your enjoyment and education.
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Making Hand Puppets

Making Hand Puppets We have just uploaded our latest video on making hand puppets. We are building up our Youtube channel for your enjoyment, come and subscribe to us at youtube.com/bravaartpress
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Colour Mixing

A terrific Video on Colour Mixing with Bibi Barba and Jim Cobb. See how Jim talks about “unlocking the colours” and mixing many other colours using basically the primary colours plus black and white.    
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