Children and their Art

Art is an integral part of a child’s education journey, through exploration, practice and lots of fun on the way, children engage with projects that encourage them to be curious about the life and environment around them. Raquel has offered her insight on art education and how children can benefit from a solid grounding in art through a series of candid interviews about her experiences in art and art education.

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Art is a fundamental tool for expression and empowerment.

A fascinating perspective on why art is so important in the education of our children. Published on May 5, 2015 Campaign for Drawing and NSEAD patron Bob and Roberta Smith RA on why all schools should be art schools.

What can children learn through art?

Children who participate in the Brava Art Visual Art Program express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and at the same time, they develop their own symbols and techniques to create their art works.

As artists, children are encouraged to rely on the concept of personal freedom and expression – utilizing a variety of both new and old materials – to transform this Visual Art Program into a very creative adventure.

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This video presents ideas how to use and collect recyclable materials to use in the classroom, to see our whole range of video tutorials go to our video gallery page.

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