Recycled Art Materials

Recycled tray

This list of recyclable Materials can be sent home with each student to bring the items marked to use in art projects. Most of the materials listed here appear on each individual project list of materials on the Art lessons page. If you would like to print out a PDF version, download the Recycled Art Materials leaflet.

Paper goods

  • Any kind of paper and any size white paper, brown paper, coloured paper, from printing business or from home
  • Old magazines collage/mixing paint
  • Old newspapers to cover working tables/papier mache
  • Old small books/ printmaking and altered books
  • Paper bags, any size
  • Paper cups, construction
  • Paper napkins, collage mixed media painting
  • Cardboard, any size or colour, printmaking/collage
  • Old manila folders, printmaking/college
  • Cardboard cylinders, from plastic wrap, aluminium foil or fabric rolls, and big thick ones for sculpture construction
  • Boxes, any size, small medium and large, depending of the project sculpture/construction
  • Paper doilies collage
  • Empty match boxes sculpture/construction
  • Tissue paper mixed media painting/collage
  • Cellophane paper collage
  • Aluminium foil printmaking/mixed media painting/collage
  • Crepe paper collage mixed/media
  • Sandpaper collage/printmaking
  • Corrugated cardboard construction/sculpture/mixed media painting
  • Old wall paper books collage/printmaking

Plastic goods

  • Fish and Chips trays, printmaking/construction
  • Old ice cube trays, to contain paint
  • Ice cream containers (to hold water and collage items on tables, to store small items)
  • Butter or margarine containers water/small items on tables
  • Soft drink bottles (1,25ml) to display puppets fill bottom with pebbles, kitty litter, sand or water
  • Big thick straws construction/3D collage

Netting collage

Any interesting materials to dress puppets

  • Tulle
  • Old sheets for puppets bodies
  • Calico for puppets bodies
  • Old skirts, pants and tops (a few to create bodies for puppets)
  • Old stockings puppets heads
  • 1 Old pillow or 2 cushions inserts to fill puppets heads and cotton dolls per class
  • Sequins
  • Rhine stones
  • Buttons
  • Wool
  • Yarn
  • Raffia
  • Jute
  • Ribbons
  • Lace
  • Hessian
  • Gauze
  • Fake fur
  • Fleece
  • Cotton balls
  • Coloured Felt