Art Lessons

Please select an art lesson from the list below.

Clay—Cartoons in 3 dimensions

A practical experience to draw cartoons and then create a clay character made out of clay.

Mixed Media Painting and Collage

Students work from their observation drawings using their imagination to create a composition in collage onto canvas that is then painted.

The Urban Landscape

Students express their ideas about the urban landscape from a birds eye perspective using colour, linework, shapes and textures.

Projection and Computer Landscape

A practical experience to create an artwork built from a number of transparent shapes with the view to further enhance the landscape using digital resources.

The Art of Construction

A practical experience to build a 3D structure with the option to then paint/draw from the original construction used as a still life.

Painting a Landscape using Complementary Colours

A practical experience in colour mixing using two complementary colours plus black and white.

The art of Eric Carle – collage

This project gives the students the opportunity to prepare their own papers, engaging in painting and decorating paper, cutting, gluing and creating an image involving shapes.

Textile Puppets

Create characters that involve the use of textiles, paint and other materials. This activity encourages individual expression and group participation. Puppetry, as a group activity, links in with other areas of the school curriculum such as literature and drama.

Printmaking - Cardboard prints

Students draw, cut and glue shapes to create a collaged card block for printing, and become familiar with the concept of producing multiple images.

Painting a monochromatic composition

Students learn colour mixing and how to create a painting with variations of the one colour

Linocut printing

Creating a design appropriate for relief printmaking using bold lines and textures; becoming familiar with the multiple images of printmaking.

Assemblage and Plaster

Students create and shape a 3D construction using recycled materials. Students create an observation drawing of their sculptures based on concepts such as colour blending, tone, overlapping and space.

Self Portraits

Students use colour, line, shapes and textures to express personal ideas and feelings about themselves.

Paper Maché Masks

Using the face as a vehicle for self expression to create a 3D character and develop a better understanding of other people and cultures.

Drawing and Painting

Observation pen and and ink drawing of different foliage, leaves, branches, sticks and flowers. Studying the elements of art, line, shape, colour, texture and repetition found in nature. Painting on paper or canvas and transforming the drawings into paintings.