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Notes on Drawing by Raquel Redmond

Drawing is a skill that children can learn. In my experience of many years teaching art to children I came across to only two children that could draw in perfect perspective from observation or from memory, Fergus and James. Most of the children learn how to draw with practice, when they are very young children draw mostly from imagination; they draw their feelings and their ideas in an abstract way. Later on, childr
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cylinder puppets

Puppetry for Preschool and Kindergaten Children – Cylinder Puppets

List of Materials – 1 piece  A4 size of  corrugated cardboard or 1 x 1lt. milk carton for the body, per student -3 x 500ml  Chroma2 paint, to paint the bodies, colours: Cool Red, Cool Blue, Cool Yellow plus black and white. This set of paint will be enough for other art projects on the Education Page of www.bravaartpress.com -1 x 1lt. Chroma2 glue, thick glue no spilling -10 old stockings to cut up for heads -1
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The Art of Eric Carle

The Art Of Eric Carle Here is a sample of paper collage, this is a great project to do with young children. I had the opportunity to present this project for the 1998 “Out of the Box, Children’s Festival” in Brisbane, Australia. Cate Fowler, the Director of the 1998 Festival commissioned me to create an activity to offer to young children involving the Art of Eric Carle. It took me months to create
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