art education for children
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Clay with young children

Clay modelling Clay modelling is very popular with young children. Terracotta clay is perfect for children to start clay modelling. Experimenting with clay is an important introduction to art in three dimensions. Type of clay Terracotta clay is the best clay for young children to experiment and to make. Children will spend time finding out what they can do with clay. As they progress in their experiments teachers can
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Art on a Cart

How to organise a day to day classroom for art lessons, how to prepare art materials to carry in your carts and how to liaise with the classroom teachers to collaborate with you teaching visual art in their classrooms.
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Fun things to do in the first week of school

Before we start talking about art ideas, we welcome new students and introduce them to the groups. There are always volunteer students that do an induction and help new students to find their way in the studio and to hand out name clips.
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Queensland Early Education and Care Conference 2018 presentation

Raquel Redmond and the Brava Art Team presented two hands-on activities for teachers attending the Queensland Early Education and Care Conference on Saturday June 30, 2018.
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Summer painting

Summer themed Art Projects and Activities – Colourful everything

Summer is great, all the cold weather and the snow are gone. The trees look as green as they will ever look, the food is plenty, especially the fruit and vegetables.
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Pop Art for the Primary years

Pop Art is a very popular art movement with young students, many love the story of how it emerged in England and United States in the mid 1950s and evolved through the 1960s and to the present day.
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The enchanted garden

Conversations in the classroom, encourage student participation and motivation

My experience with students in our studio and in the school classroom is based on my work with young children from kindergarten to year 6 and Middle School aged children.
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small cart contents

Students who finish their work early

What do you do with those students who finish their art lesson early? There are many things students can make in a short time to keep them occupied until the end of the lesson. Giving children a choice is a good way to encourage creativity.
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A Papier Maché Legion

What fun it is to create these characters out of plastic drinking bottles and paper. This activity offers students lots of possibilities; to create anything they like to imagine.
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painting constructions

Architecture Inspired Construction Ideas

Architecture has been the inspiration for many of our projects. Modern architecture is an important source of inspiration and learning for us.
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