primary school art

Still Life Painting – Pastries

Fun painting project, all you need is some pastries real or plastic ones to set up a still life composition.
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Plaster Puppets Inspired on Paul Klee’s Puppets

Great project inspired on the puppets of Paul Klee to do at home or in the classroom. Suitable for 10 to 15 years old students Paul Klee made 80 puppets with his son Felix, they used bits of fabrics from old clothes to cut up and to make the puppets costumes. With his puppets Paul Klee represented different characters from his neighbourghood. The teacher, the butcher, the baker were some of the characters represented
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mixing paint feature image

Colour Mixing

A terrific Video on Colour Mixing with Bibi Barba and Jim Cobb. See how Jim talks about “unlocking the colours” and mixing many other colours using basically the primary colours plus black and white.    
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Watch one of our sample videos

Hi everyone, this is our first post for our new blog and to celebrate we want share one of our tutorials on creating a self portrait. The purpose of this blog will be to engage with you in the hope that we can join together and form a fun and inspiring community of like-minded people who share a love of art and education. Of course you can register with us and get all of our tutorials. This video was part of our R
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