Collage – Matisse Paper Cuts

Inspired on the beautiful paper cuts that Matisse created in his old years and the experience of seen the exhibition of his Collages at the Museum of Morden Art, MOMA, New York, in December last year.

This project involves painting, colour mixing and creating a collage inspired on Nature. Students learn how to mix colours using the primary colours plus black and white, how to apply paint onto paper with rollers, how to draw simple and large shapes and how to create a composition/collage with the papers they have prepared.

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  • Art materials for this project

    List of Art Materials required for this Project

    • 2 or 3 sponge rollers, one roller per colour
    • 3 Fish & Chips foam trays per class, to roll out paint. These trays can be recycled from fish shops or from home
    • 1 colour felt pen per student, to draw  shapes on the back of the painted papers
    • 1 approximately A4 size rag per student, to clean their hands.
    • 2 small Newspapers, to cover tables
    • 1 old T- shirt per student to cover uniforms
    • 1 pair of suitable scissors, according to the students age, per student
    • Plastic containers to contain paint, as many as you need per colour, rectangular take away containers with lids are ideal.
    • Short handle brushes to apply glue,  refer to Video
    • PVA glue or Chroma2 glue, 1lt. of glue would be enough for a class of 25 students
    • Bunches of leaves, sticks, seed pods, flowers from the garden.

    Paint: Chroma2 paint in the following colours: 1 x 2l, black, 1 x 2lt cool red, 1 x 2lt.cool blue, 1 x 2lt. cool yellow plus white to mix more colours. (include picture of paint bottles)

    Paper: 4 pieces A4 cartridge paper, per student to paint 4 different colours

    1 A3 piece of cartridge paper, per student to glue and display the collage


    • A list with recyclable materials, like food trays, old T- shirts, Newspapers – old sheets or curtains to cut up for rags –  take away food containers with lids, should be sent home with students to bring to the classroom in preparation for this painting/collage project.
    • Chroma2 paint has been especially formulated for the primary and early childhood classroom, nontoxic, easy to clean from clothes and paint brushes, versatile as it is good for painting, printmaking and other projects involving paint. Different from other school quality paint, Chroma2, has good pigmentation and coverage, it paints well on other surfaces like timber, cardboard, clay, and textiles, if Textile Medium is added. (watch video on Painting Calico Bags).
    • For this project we have nominated 5 colours but if you wish students to mix and explore more colours, there are 3 more Primary Colours: warm red, warm blue and warm yellow.
    • Find a School Art Supplies place on our List of Suppliers to get the best school prices.

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Raquel Redmond studied Fine Art and Design at The George Washington University in Washington D.C., USA. She has also studied Fine Art and Printmaking at the Queensland College of Art Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland.

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