Term 1, 2013

This is the last week of our 1st term 2013. Next Term will start on Monday 15 April. Looking at the body of work produced by the students this term, one more time I conclude that children are great artists and how important it is for them to have the opportunity to express their ideas and feelings through the visual arts. We looked at computers parts to get inspiration for our drawings and prints. Starting with the i
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Term 4, 2012

We start Art Lessons onMonday 4th February 2013. We started with Picasso this year. We looked at his expressive paintings of the weeping women to create self portraits. We used his series of paintings called “Las Meninas”as inspiration to create acrylic paintings on canvas. Everybody dressed up in costumes as princesses, princes and the artist himself and posed in groups to draw and paint each other. In the second te
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Term 3, 2012

This is the last week of our 3rd term 2012. Next term will start: 16 October, nine week term.  Our drive for this term has been textiles and yarns. It has been very a different approach this time. My trip to Chile has been a great inspiration for art this term. While there, I visited galleries, museums, craft centres and talked to many artists and craft people.  I visited a wonderful Wool Expo where I found the most
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Term 2, 2012

Dear Parents, This second term, because of the public holidays, we had a variety on the number of weeks each group did. The Monday group did 7 weeks, the Tuesday group did 9 weeks (full term for us) and the Wednesday group did 8 weeks. This coming term, in spite of having a four week break, each group will do 9 weeks. As I mentioned before, we are going to have a winter break of four weeks. I’m travelling to South Am
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Term 1, 2012

Dear Parents, Picasso has been the inspiration this term. Early in the term I went to Canberra and Sydney in a professional development tour of Galleries. I came back to my studio charged with books, inspiration, new ideas and emotion. We started by studying the expressive paintings that Picasso did of weeping women, as studies to paint “The Guernica”. We had an insightful discussion, of the style and the emotions in
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Term 4, 2011

I like first of all, to congratulate all the students for their dedication, their enthusiasm, their creativity, their wonderful imagination and most of all for their self discipline that they display when working on their art. It has been another year of great art here in the Studio. We all have been busy learning, thinking, solving the problems of art and making art. We learnt about artists, art techniques and art m
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Term 3, 2011

Dear Parents, We continued to search for ways to depict the landscape. We started by looking at the very inner landscape – the part of the landscape that is there but we can’t see in a normal situation. We studied pictures of microscopic sections of different trees and plants, showing their cells and their vascular system. Students created designs with crayons and lift prints from these fascinating pictures of
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Term 2, 2011

Dear Parents, Our theme this term has been “Reflections on the Landscape”. We have been looking at things that are part of the landscape rather than studying the landscape in a traditional way. I really wanted the students to think of what makes the landscape, how plants and trees for example make different patterns with the way they branch out and the different kinds of barks on trees. I wanted them to think of what
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Term 1, 2011

Dear Parents, We started with Pop Art and the work of Andy Warhol and we discussed why artists started painting cans of soup, telephones, cars, movie stars and space rockets and many other things popular  with people. We studied  the way artists look at consumer items in places like supermarkets and the way Pop Art became a celebration to consumerism. Students drew shoes from observation and invented their own shoe d
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