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Printmaking for young children

For very young children, printmaking is a source of fascination and challenge. Children love the idea of multiples, making not only one image but several.The first prints children make are normally hand prints. As they learn to cut paper they will be able to prepare a printing block/collage and they will be interested in telling stories with shapes. Procedure Printing block preparation: Children will have a small pie
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Print making tips

How to set up the classroom for a printmaking activity Many teachers find printmaking messy and difficult to manage in the classroom.  From simple printing techniques as card printing to more complex techniques like linocut printing, the setting can be the same. The first task that the teacher will be confronted with is establishing an appropriate work area. The printmaking process is best supported by arranging the
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Foam Printing – Printmaking for all ages

An economical way to do printmaking at home or in the classroom. Discover printmaking and the idea of multiple images using a food tray from your kitchen to create beautiful repetition prints, single prints and greeting cards. This exciting project is suitable for a wide audience from young children to adults that would like to learn an easy way to create a design using a food tray from the super market and to print
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Term 3, 2011

Dear Parents, We continued to search for ways to depict the landscape. We started by looking at the very inner landscape – the part of the landscape that is there but we can’t see in a normal situation. We studied pictures of microscopic sections of different trees and plants, showing their cells and their vascular system. Students created designs with crayons and lift prints from these fascinating pictures of
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Term 2, 2011

Dear Parents, Our theme this term has been “Reflections on the Landscape”. We have been looking at things that are part of the landscape rather than studying the landscape in a traditional way. I really wanted the students to think of what makes the landscape, how plants and trees for example make different patterns with the way they branch out and the different kinds of barks on trees. I wanted them to think of what
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Term 1, 2011

Dear Parents, We started with Pop Art and the work of Andy Warhol and we discussed why artists started painting cans of soup, telephones, cars, movie stars and space rockets and many other things popular  with people. We studied  the way artists look at consumer items in places like supermarkets and the way Pop Art became a celebration to consumerism. Students drew shoes from observation and invented their own shoe d
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