Raquel Redmond
surreal landscape

Drawing from Our constructions – A Surreal Landscape

Paintings from Timber Constructions that young children have previously made. The Constructions are placed as a group on their tables to draw from and to paint from. Students are encouraged to interpret” their 3D works into 2D works such as paintings or drawings. This gives the students opportunity to look at their work in a different way, to think originally and to create unique images based on their own 3D creation
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Children and Drawing, Notes on Drawing: My Studio Experience

Drawing is something that young children love to do, from a very young age children like to record their ideas and emotions by drawing.
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Making Hand Puppets

Making Hand Puppets We have just uploaded our latest video on making hand puppets. We are building up our Youtube channel for your enjoyment, come and subscribe to us at youtube.com/bravaartpress
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mixing paint feature image

Colour Mixing

A terrific Video on Colour Mixing with Bibi Barba and Jim Cobb. See how Jim talks about “unlocking the colours” and mixing many other colours using basically the primary colours plus black and white.    
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The Art of Eric Carle

The Art Of Eric Carle Here is a sample of paper collage, this is a great project to do with young children. I had the opportunity to present this project for the 1998 “Out of the Box, Children’s Festival” in Brisbane, Australia. Cate Fowler, the Director of the 1998 Festival commissioned me to create an activity to offer to young children involving the Art of Eric Carle. It took me months to create
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calico bag

Textile Puppets – The Art of Eric Carle

We’ve been busy filming videos Just a note to let everybody know that we have been busy filming videos. There will be two new videos that will appear on YouTube: “Textile Puppets” and “The Art of Eric Carle“. There is also a short video on Textile Painting – Calico bags, (pictured) To find more out more information go to our Tutorials page (Registration required) If you are registe
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Term 2, 2012

Dear Parents, This second term, because of the public holidays, we had a variety on the number of weeks each group did. The Monday group did 7 weeks, the Tuesday group did 9 weeks (full term for us) and the Wednesday group did 8 weeks. This coming term, in spite of having a four week break, each group will do 9 weeks. As I mentioned before, we are going to have a winter break of four weeks. I’m travelling to South Am
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Term 1, 2012

Dear Parents, Picasso has been the inspiration this term. Early in the term I went to Canberra and Sydney in a professional development tour of Galleries. I came back to my studio charged with books, inspiration, new ideas and emotion. We started by studying the expressive paintings that Picasso did of weeping women, as studies to paint “The Guernica”. We had an insightful discussion, of the style and the emotions in
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Term 4, 2011

I like first of all, to congratulate all the students for their dedication, their enthusiasm, their creativity, their wonderful imagination and most of all for their self discipline that they display when working on their art. It has been another year of great art here in the Studio. We all have been busy learning, thinking, solving the problems of art and making art. We learnt about artists, art techniques and art m
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Term 3, 2011

Dear Parents, We continued to search for ways to depict the landscape. We started by looking at the very inner landscape – the part of the landscape that is there but we can’t see in a normal situation. We studied pictures of microscopic sections of different trees and plants, showing their cells and their vascular system. Students created designs with crayons and lift prints from these fascinating pictures of
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